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Thread: Anyone use all injectables

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    Anyone use all injectables

    Anybody use all injectables for hrt? It would seem to make the most sense in terms of consistent dosing.

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    I only use injectablesfor HRT. I don't like the effects on the liver with orals or the fist pass effect, so no AAS PO (by mouth). I do take supplements and RX medications that come only come in pill forms or powers. Oh First-pass effect - the metabolism of orally administered drugs by gastrointestinal and hepatic enzymes, resulting in a significant reduction of the amount of unmetabolized drug reaching the systemic circulation.
    Saunders Comprehensive Veterinary Dictionary, 3 ed.
    Here is some information on the First pass,

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    Did you guys really mean to post this in the Female section?
    It might get more play if you started it over in Men's.

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    Yep, estradiol valerate IM 5-10mg/week depending on what I'm doing with my AAS cycle. Been doing that consistently for about two years.

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