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Thread: Low testosterone before doing a cycle = permanent damage?

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    Low testosterone before doing a cycle = permanent damage?

    Hey everyone,

    I'm very new to this scene and I'm doing extensive research before I make the decision whether to start a cycle.

    I believe I have a very low level of testosterone already, I have every single symptom despite only being 21 and it's making my life a misery. I'm going to have a blood test to have it confirmed this week.

    I read on the website that PCT will not work if you had a preexisting hormone issue.

    So i'm sitting here worrying that a cycle may permanently damage my bodies natural production and I'll be on T for the rest of my life!

    Any pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!


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    There is no guarantee you will return to pre cycle levels, more likely not.

    Cycling under the age of 25 has other factors to take into consideration, there's more to the HTPA than just testosterone levels

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    Get complete blood work as outlined in the Finding A Doc sticky at the top of this forum. This way you can see if there's an issue causing your low T that may be fixable.
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    If you think you have low t at 21 you're going to be on test the rest of your life regardless

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