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    Low T and Alcohol abuse

    question for you. Do you think hormonal imbalances caused by alcohol abuse are recoverable? I feel like I am living on the net lately, with enough due diligence to get certified somewhere at this point. I am starting to put the pieces together "i think" and obviously wanted to your opinion. You know my story and I am sure are already pissed by my many different threads. One thing i never mentioned was that i have had a pretty solid alcohol problem for 8 or so years. I was drinking nightly from 22 to now 30, quit 3 months ago. I now understand that not only can that tank your T but cause damage to all the endocrine system. So the way i get it is the constant boozing inhibits the testes to work functionally and raises E as well. My question is now being sober 3 months, will things start to restore themselves naturally? As i mentioned i am going to cycle HCG for 6 weeks to try and get my testes to start the natural process again and after research on booze think this might be a great protocol to get the ball rolling in the right direction. My LH and FSH do not indicate a problem with the pituitary so I think this might be a great option to get my T back up naturally and the ball rolling all across all hormones. What do you think? Appreciate your time brother and look forward to your thoughts, thanks.

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    I am sure you can recover.
    Start eating super clean getting all your essentials in
    (minerals,vitamins, epa and dha aka fish oil,
    healthy fats and cholesterol,)
    Stay away from toxins,such as teflon pans,aluminum anti-perspirants.
    Combined with hcg I believe you can recover. The body is an amazing machine.
    Remember now,takes time .

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    Are you seeing a doctor? They may prescribe you hcg and or clomid to help you out.

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