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    HOLY FK...HIgh levels

    I decided to take a full blood test recently to check my levels. I wanted to see if maybe I would have low IGF 1 to get prescribed some Sermorelin.

    My IGF 1 came back 292 ng/ml.

    Today I got a call from the doc's office they told me my test was too high. She said I was at 1495!!!

    This is nuts because I've only been taking 200mg of Cypionate . The last time I was tested was last year and I had 922 ng/dL total test...

    I don't understand what is happening lol? They want me ot lower my dose to 100mg but I don't want to.

    I said this must bea mistake, since I didn't fast that morning or my new routine (push/pull/legs) hitting each group twice a week must have done something?

    I just finished a 90 day shred program where i lost 20 lbs and I ate flawlessly, by that i mean I did a IIFYM shredding diet eating whatever I wanted.

    I'm still doing a high-carb shred doing 2400 low days and 2750 calories on 2 high days.

    I've been under my maintence of 3000 regardless...

    I'm not taking ANY other substances at all.

    Any clue what it may be?
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    Never mind just figured it out..

    My last I was only taking 100mg a week.

    How do I dlete this thread?

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