I'm on Clomid 25mg EOD as a TRT protocol. My question is regarding taking a basic Test-E cycle (which I've done before) and how long it takes for Test levels (Total and Free) and LH levels to get back in line before the Test-E cycle? Obviously considering that I jump back on the Clomid therapy right after the cycle.

Reason I ask, last year when I tried this while I was on Clomid TRT. My levels before the cycle were:

Total Test: 1028
Free T: 17.9
LH: 7.0

After I cycled my levels were (results below were about 30 days off cycle and back on Clomid TRT right after):

Total Test: 1311
Free T: 234.7
LH: 3.6

The time difference between the two labs were about six months which were both ordered by my TRT doctor. I'm sure you can imagine their comments regarding my Test levels when they seen my LH levels drop. We all know on Clomid alone, LH can't go down and Test go up.. not possible.

Now I know that SERMS will do nothing for LH while in the presence of exogenous testosterone and that HCG does not raise or stimulate endogenous LH levels, It mimic's them. So taking my prescribed Clomid while on cycle will do absolutely nothing. So back to my question above of how long would it take? I know 30 days won't do it.. will waiting three months after cycle and being back on Clomid therapy reflect a somewhat normal ongoing protocol; or in other words "look in line"? Is there anything else you guys would suggest?

Thanks for your time.