Good morning,

First time poster, long time lurker/study-er/learner. I'm creeping up on 40 years old, I've been on TRT for over a year, 200mg Test Cyp per week. Completely changed my life! Energy, enthusiasm, vigor, libido, you name it....sounds cheesy but it made life overall more worth living!

I just finished my first "blast". Specifically, I added in 50mg of anavar daily, an additional 250mg of Test Cyp, and exemestane at 12.5mg every other day. I ran this protocol for 4 weeks. I would pin my TRT test on mondays, and my 250mg extra Test Cyp Thurs.

I moved out of state recently so I had to find a new doctor to pick up my TRT care/prescription/etc. He refilled my test prescription for 2 months to give me time to get all the paperwork from my original doctor, additionally he ordered all the usual labs as my last labs were in December.

My question to you folks is this. Roughly how much time do I need to get my blood levels back down to the TRT range? Is there any data on how much your blood total and free test is increased by Anavar? For reference, my normal TRT bloodwork looks like this-

Test Serum 854 ng/dl (ref range 348-1197)
Test Free 26.4 pg/ml (ref range 8.7-25.1)
E2 66.2 pg/ml (ref range 20-40)

Would it be more beneficial to resume my usual 200mg per week, or take nothing at all for a few weeks? My main priority is to not raise any red flags on my bloodwork. I had considered ordering my own labs but my state isn't serviced by privatemdlabs. I do know based on labs that on 200mg test cyp, my levels after 2 weeks drop to mid 300s for total test (no data for free test). This is how my original doctor and I decided to change to once a week protocol vice the old fashioned once per 2 weeks.

Thanks for reading my first post! I'm greatly looking forward to hearing from some of the knowledgeable folks on here, and hopefully some folks can learn something from me in the future.