Hi, I am new here. Knowledge level minimal. I am 51, 6' and 190lbs. I go to a mens clink for a test shot weekly. 250mg I believe. I have a bottle of deca and would like to stack it with the Test. I doubt that my dr. would go for this but I will ask. If not, what dose and what estrogen blocker would I need( how would I obtain it?). I have a window of 4 months until I leave the country for 2 weeks, I am in the military and that is a concern also. I have never self injected but I think that i can do it. I want to do this right. I have had this bottle for a while but I think it is time. I lift religiously and am in the best shape i have been in decades. I am very ignorant of the lingo and common knowledge most here already have. I am here to learn. Please teach me.