So I have my HrT androgens an AI spot on. Dose 100mg Test E weekly spread into 3 shots and 50mg Tren E spread into the same three shots. 12.5 Aromasin daily. Leaves me feeling better than perfect. Puts labs in tolerable ranges. Still watching lipids and Progestins for long term use.

Now for the HgH.

First: HrT Dose.

1- What is the recommended REAL dose that is the real best guess at where to be for "normal?
2- I understand HgH is IM or SC pin. I also understand wait 30 minute after insulin shot before pining HgH.
3- HgH quality is Merick (Unless hospital has changed the brand but it is from the pharmacy)
4- How long should I run HgH to verify HrT dosage is good?
5- Are their any worries between HGH and HCG as far as pin times?
6- What is the dose for a new to HgH to use for bodybuilding purposes for start. I understand HgH will cause water retention if start out too high of dose and other undesirable sides. This is the dose I move to after verifying the HrT level works properly.

Thank you for the help.