Hi there guys.
Haven't been here for a while. Looking for some help.
Basic info:
I am 42 years old, lift about 5 days week
5'10 and 148 lbs.

Long story short...
About 2+ years ago found I had low test (total 292, free 2.8).
Jumped from doc to doc trying to find one that followed this sites recommendations of testing.
Found one that had some decent knowledge and did the suggested labs but never really came to any conclusions (haven't checked for varicose veins yet).
After 2 years of feeling like crap and loosing a lot of muscle mass I told the doc I wanted to do something.
He recommended clomid 12.5mg Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday (he had done the same treatment for himself) .
I was on clomid for about 6 months
I was feeling very good. Energy, stamina, erections etc...

Before clomid (2 years ago):
Total Test was 292
free Test was 2.8
estradiol was 38

Immediately after stopping clomid (1.7 months ago):
Total Test was 582
free Test was 18
estradiol was 62

Current day (1.7 months after stopping clomid):
Total Test now 426
free Test now 8
estradiol now 21

As you see free T went down quite a bit and I do notice the difference.

Since clomid worked doc said I could resume clomid or do test injections if I wanted to try to gain a few pounds.
I said I wanted to gain some lbs back with test

He recommended to do 300mg a week for 8 weeks.
I asked about doing some hcg during to keep testes working he said new studies show clomid is better during cycle...? I'm not sure about this from what I have read.

Do you guys know of anything new indicating clomid is better during a cycle?

He also said I could do clenbuterol after to help keep the muscle mass as well.

Need help...
Opinions/Input/Recommendation please...

Test 300mg a week for 8 weeks with hcg or clomid?

After the cycle I will then continue the clomid trt since it did work very well for me.

Your help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.