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Thread: TRT blood tests

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    TRT blood tests

    I am on Self prescribed TRT ( total test of 169). Ijust started (2nd week) and I am about to go on a bulk cycle. I am taking about 200 mg /wk of test enth. I am not taking an AI but I am taking HCG . The thought process is that I want to see my estrogen levels without an AI. I have never had any noticeable physical issues with arimidex .25 eod while on cycle. I will be taking the blood tests in one week.
    Also, for hemocrat, do you need to fast? I just realized that this was not previously included in my bw.

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    What put you on TRT charger? Was there a actual diagnosis?
    I strongly suggest you hold off on your cycle and get dialed in with TRT first. You should really wait about 6 weeks and then pull appropriate BW to determine the need for an AI or not, two weeks is to soon. At 200 mgs per week (high end btw) I can practically guarantee you will need one.

    You can make amazing progress with new found optimized T levels. Coming from a 169 TT level, just being on TRT will be like a cycle for you, especially on 200 mgs per week. In reality it's always best to start low (maybe 100 mgs) and then adjust from there instead of starting higher and then having to mitigate unwanted side effects such as E2, hematocrit, etc.
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