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Thread: A Permanent Solution: ED and Peyronies

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    A Permanent Solution: ED and Peyronies

    Hi Guys,

    It's been a very long while since I posted here but I've experienced some remarkable results that I wanted to share. First for some history.

    Some of you may know that a couple of years back I was treated for bladder cancer that spread into my prostrate. Chemo, and radical cystectomy and radical prostatectomy. My prostate was removed, plumbing rearranged and I was given a neobladder to replace my God given one. Fantastic medical team at Weill-Cornell in NYC. 3 1/2 year cancer survivor now and all is well except the surgery left me completely impotent.

    Trimix was prescribed but after awhile I came to see that more and more was needed to achieve satisfactory results. In addition I noticed that the size and shape of my penis was changing. (FYI: prostate removal ALWAYS results in penis shrinkage. Yes, ALWAYS) The cause, I later found was scar tissue formation - essentially medication induced Peyronies. NONE of this was told to me by any medical professional before I began this therapy. I was critical of myself for placing too much trust in the medical team and not doing enough research myself beforehand. But I was doubly critical of the medical team for not fully disclosing the facts.

    So, I did some research into penile implants and did the surgery - which was successfully completed with amazing results. Bottom line: It works.

    For those of you with ED problems or Peyronies, I would strongly suggest you look into this surgical option. Also, I would strongly recommend you consider a New York City based surgeon, Dr. Jean Francois Eid. He is internationally reknowned and has pioneered the "no touch technique". (You can go to his site for details). In fact, people fly in from all over the world to have him perform this surgery. He is simply the best in the world. He'll tell you straight out, "My goal is to give you the largest erection possible." His site - with extensive details and videos.

    There's more. Depending upon the reason for the surgery and your medical condition, you may or may not need an extra boost for intercourse. This implant will give you a 100% erection every time. No question. But if your nerve damage is extensive, you may not get complete blood flow into the penis to expand the glans and surrounding tissues. The fix is to use Muse (Alprostadil) A prescription is needed. IT IS AMAZING.

    It's pretty costly but if you want the results of a Ferrari, get it. Otherwise, you're a BMW coupe. Not bad, but not the best.

    I hope this helps you or others you may know. I'd be happy to answer any of your questions.

    P.S. A special shout out to my old friend Kel.
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    2Sox, SO sorry to hear of your troubles. At least you seem to be getting better. Hope you stick around.
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    Amazing job 2sox and thank you for this.
    I hope you stick around too!

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