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    Question Insulin and Fat Bastards

    I have read both of L. Rea's books and recieve regular articles from his company. Most recently, "Insulin and Fat Bastards" was sent to me. I understand the concept behind the insulin cycle protocol and it looks great on paper. I do not however know anyone who has used it successfully(I know a lot of national level and Pro Bodybuilders). I understand that the body will covert excess protien to glucose on a low carb diet. I also know from experience that using insulin even on high carbs can be risky. Relying on gluconeogenisis to produce glucose seems unpredictable. Unpredictability and insulin use do not mix. When you use carbs, you have a much more predictable blood-glucose level. As the rate at which different protien sources break down varies dramaticly, and the gluconeogenisis process time can vary, it is almost impossible to predict how much glucose is in the bloodstream. You would almost have to measure blood glucose prior to each administration of insulin. This seems very impracticle. Has anyone used this protocol successfully? I have seen many theoretical protocols which just didn't work out in the real world. Half of Dan Duchain's theorys revolutionized bodybuilding, the other half caused serious health problems or were just too impracticle; like measuring urine out/water in and waking up every hour nightly during carb ups). I think L. Rea is brilliant, but just like Duchain, some theories just don't work in the real world. If you have read this particular article, and are familiar with L. Rea's work, I welcome your feedback.
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    hey i use it and if used right and with respect it is awsome but thats me

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    It is definetly not something for the non cempetetive athlete. Also, the money spent on additional protein would be outstanding. Now IMO>.the results and effects of the program is what separates us from the pro's. Insulin is a helava bodybuilding drug. But there can be a price to pay and yes it involves a dirt nap. This is a very dangerous program and all protein has to measured out properly. If I had someone to make all this sh!t for me I would try it. Otherwise I will stick with IM injections into the muscle just worked and add IGF-1. Keeping simple carbs to a minimum. (aprx. 50 to 60 grms per 10 units) The extra carbs will be burnt with the IGF-1 and makes muscles happy!!! Peace

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