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    R3 Long IGF from MR

    I have been using 40 mcg a day for about 8 days along with adrol @50mgs a day and 25mgs proviron . At this point its really hard to say if R3 Long IGF is working. I have of course put about 5 lbs on and am getting the meanest pumps with very little water retention, but that could be form the adrol/provirion. I am wondering how I would be able to know if the R3 Long IGF is working. Also do I need to store it in the freezer or is the frig fine? Thanks to all who reply.

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    Yeah,I gained weight on it and slimmed at my hips!
    I alos stored the rest of my IGF MR-cycle in the wardrobe for pretty long time and it was still workng some weeks later,when I decided to shot the rest.:-)

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