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    LR3 and Slin: with gh or without???

    Almost everyone if for LR3 over HGH.

    My question is...Is there much of a difference between (HGH, LR3 and SLIN) VS (LR3 and SLIN)?

    My goal is much of a difference does the addition of hgh in a igf and slin cycle make?

    Is hgh worth it?

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    at your age you don't need either of them unless your a pro athlete. take advantage of your natural high igf-1 levels.


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    rodge is pretty much always dead on- but if you did decide to do it i'd do all three. but you'll want to use the slin and igf-1 each for a month at a time. don't run slin and igf-1 at the same time.

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