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    Another Insulin Post And Gh Too

    hi folks after a 12 year layoff or being lazy or this and that decided to pick up the weight again started at about 240lbs of pure fat motha****a
    taking hgh and other shit scince about october dont feel liek coming off yet
    about 185 now 30 inch waist 17 inch guns at my former glory 210lbs
    bench press 455 18.5 inch arms 30 inch waist ate lotta dball then 19years old

    current goals :hoping to get stronger using abbreviated routines 2 or 3 days a week

    meds about .75gram to 1 gram test various esters
    12mg growth 36iu week
    compounded anadrol not sure about quality just eating waiting for a surprize

    thinking of adding insulin pwo

    QUESTION: how well does insulin work after workouts or is it better just to leave it be ?

    would really be grateful for any help

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    Nice job on the transformation. I cycle insulin 4 weeks and Igf on the off 4 weeks. I love it, but you must READ and learn all you can about insulin. Good Luck.

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    Insulin is great for recovery, take it PWO as that's when it is mostly beneficial.


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    LOOKS LIKE I MADE IT THROUGH!! first insulin injection

    today after training chest and back i took my first insulin injection sc in my belly.

    i had ready a carb drink roughly 10 grams if carb 5or 7 gram creatine and 5 glutamine along with 6 large eggs which i boiled prior to heading to the gym and a soda bottle of honey and just incase some glucose tabs

    using humalin r injected 3 units and i have to say it was no panic or scardie cat but i felt it in a matter of 2 minutes and started shaking i understand now why people preach 10 grams carbs for every unit and the same amount of protein i beleive it should be more then 10 anyway i felt weak shaking so i grabbed my honey and drank a good 3 table spoons in a minute or less the shake went away so i chomped down my 6 eggs and ate some water melon too like 2 wedges to get some carbs.

    the shake came back around 20 minutes later and just to experiment i took a glucose tab and then another and then another for a total of 3 its officailly the 2 hours mark and the peak point of my humalin r and im feeling decent ate a can of tuna and a potato and my beloved made me some tea sweeeeeet as **** tea 2 hours later im off to bed hoping to get some good rest

    i read an article where a guy said to start of with 8 to 10 units on ur first try hes ****in NUTS and im glad not to have listened to that ****in advise will stay conservative around 2-5 units for a month no more even though im using hgh and a whole bunch of anabolic and supposedly u can take more insulin im not gonna do it.

    so if anyone reads this is what i have to say for my first time shit could have went ****ed up i am lucky i did some reading and had all my stuff on hand

    anyone who's looking to experiment start LOW DOSEat 1 or 2 units or maybe 3 if u got the nut

    oh its 3 am all the slin is outta me now watching braveheart and getting a lil teary eyed just so my beloved thinks i got sensitive side back yeah right imo git some soon in like hour
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