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    can i run igf-1 like hgh

    During my pct i plan to run igf1 and hgh. Can i run igf like hgh? Do I have to run it every day. I have thought about running it on the days i run hgh. I am going to be running 4on/4off. Running the hgh on workout days. I want to run the igf1 on the say day. I ran it before at 50 for 20 days during pct. I think it help as i felt strong and did not loose much.

    Stats 225, 34, 5 cycles. currently running 600 sus and 450 dec into week 4.

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    well, this is how I would do it:

    1. HGH 5on/2off ; shots split in the morning and mid-afternoon
    2. IGF (I'm assuming LR3) PWO on workout days (assuming a 4 day split) @ 60 mcgs

    most days they will coincide (4 of 5 days...) you can even squeeze in another morning shot of IGF on a non-workout weekday to make in 5 days like the HGH, that way, saturday and sunday you would be clean of both compunds (assuming u dont workout on weekends).

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    thanks. i did it during pct and 'think' it helped. however i did it every day and want to not over due it. shooting during workout days sounds good. i am trying to take my hgh during workout days as well however i have been taking it in the afternoon instead of the morning since it was making me sleepy.

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