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    PGF2a(lutalyse) and Interleukin(IL-15)??? Help Please

    Would like to know what PGF2a also called Lutalyse and Interleukin also known as IL-15 purposes are and what the dosages should be?

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    PGF2a(lutalyse) has some of the worst sides in the game,and has to to be shot at least 5 times per day due to it`s very short half-life.You will be shiting all day.Dude you dont need Interleukin(IL-15) as it will cost you 1000`s of $ to run a cycle,at this stage it`s just a huge risk.The down side of IL-15 use is that lack of research. Some have speculated that IL-15 can trigger cancer cell growth. However, available research has not shown a connection between IL-15 and organ growth as of yet.The human body produces several growth factors that are mediators and intermediates,this is what IL-15 is about.
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