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    tryout for proffesional football help!!!!!!!

    Hi guys wutz up. I am currently 23 years old and just finished my last year of college ball. I have a combine where scouts from nfl, canada, arena, and so forth come to. I have to be in the best shape of my life period. From Dec. 1st that gives me 6 months utill the combine in April. I was looking to start up growth and I felt 6 months would be a good amount of time to see some decent results. I am 6'1 250 17-18% body fat. Have had experince with cylces before. If you guys could help me with anything(diet, cycle suggestion). Anything would be appreciative. I am looking to get to 265 but bring my %body fat down to around 12 Thanks alot.

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    HGH is a great all around drug, but it takes a while for it to work. 6 months on HGH can deliver benefits, but nothing too major, so basically the price you pay for 6 months worth of HGH isn't worth the benefits.

    If you are after fat loss, HGH isn't necessary and you can lose some serious weight/fat in 6 months time by following a good diet/training schedule. Visit our diet forum and ask all the questions you want in there.

    Good luck.


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