Hi all

Right, after looking into it for a while i decided to give the old HGH a go.


Age: 28
Height: 5'11
Weight: 180 lbs
Training: 5 years mixed training background
Bodyfat: unknown - its me in the avatar so if you would care to guess please do as i have no idea.

The 1st thing that i should mention is that i fight in MMA and have done for a couple of years at semi-pro level. I'm looking to go pro shortly and want to have as much of an edge as possible. So anyway i'm obviously not interested in getting massive. I can add a few lbs though as i still cut down to 170 for fights and have no problem dropping 10-12lbs. Plus if i loose a couple of lbs of fat, thats a couple of extra lbs of muscle i can gain.
I have previously done AS cycles when i was much bigger before i started MMA and i've also recently done several IGF cycles which really helped me to drop some bodyfat.

So i got 600iu's of generic blue tops and i'm about 4 days in, started off at 2iu's in a single injection and i'm planning on slowly ramping up to 4iu's over a couple of weeks. I'm thinking i'll do 2iu's upon waking and another 2iu's early afternoon. I'm also doing around 180mcgs daily of clen with every 3rd week using a similar product to benadryl (same active ingredient).

My diet is squeaky clean, i dont eat any junk food and make my meals every morning to last me all day, even for work.
My training routine consists of lifting for strength and conditioning 5 times per week in the evenings, plus MMA training three times per week. Cardio 3 times per week on a morning also.

I guess i'm looking for a slow increase of lean muscle whilst loosing a little fat. I want to be as big as i can be without going into the next weight class.
And if there is any increase in cardio performance then that would certainly be welcome.
I just wondered if anyone has used HGH with these kind of goals and this kind of training? Just interested to see what kind of results i could expect.

Anyway if anyone has any pointers or advice i'd really like to hear it