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    hgh working for strength?

    some fellow powerlifters tell me that hgh gives great strength but u have to use it in the long run and some say it doesint give shit for strength ? any other opinions on this topic

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    I broken many plateaus with hgh. Gives me great strength gains, but everyone reacts differently. HGH/AAS/slin/T4.

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    Most of the "noticable" strength gains in the shorter term are due to the impact HGH has on fluid retention. This helps the muscles achieve greater leverage.
    Longer Term Strength gains would be due to increased anabolism mediated via HGH and resulting growth factors such as IGF-1. Nothing significant on its own in the longer term, but definitely synergistic with AAS and Insulin as all the key receptors and resulting signaling pathways are working cooperatively.

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    I've been on it for 5 months and have to say I noticed stregth gains picking up around a month ago.

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    HGH is excellent for strength however it must be used long term and usually at high doses. If you're after strength gains I would definitely throw in some AAS too.


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