So i've read some posts on dosages of cjc and mgf and igf but now i must going to run an 8wk bulk consisting of:
750mg cyp
500mg deca
50mg dbol (running till out of tabs, i have 100 25mg/tabs)
50mg of tren w/test and deca
and 4iu's of hgh on wkout days, (only bc its easier to remember no clinical reason to run in on wkout days)
what time is best to take hgh? am or pm?

what dosage do i run igf and for how long..?

cjc1295 -do i run 500mcg's 2x/wk? and how many wks can i go on?

mgf - 200mcg's 2 or 3x/wk? and how long can i go on?
do i take mgf and igf right after wkout? how bout cjc? and can i alternate from bi's to tri's injections? or do i take it in muscles wked out?
sorry for all the questions..
ill be running a cutting cycle 2 wks after my diet cycle...thanks again for all your posts...