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    Help with HGH Cycle

    I am 31 years old.
    205lbs work out daily.

    I am getting 4 boxes of blue caps and looking forward to getting started.

    I did a 4 month hgh cycle of 2iu daily and didn't see anything but a little fat loss and better mood and feeling.

    Looking at running this

    1. HGH - 3 or 4iu daily
    2. T3/T4 - combo
    3. Not sure about adding test? I really shut down hard and takes a long time to recover naturally, any other suggestions. Looking for lean mass.

    Thanks Guys

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    Did you do a pct with the test previously?

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    Yes On PCT

    Yeah did the clomind and nolvadex & little HCG with it also.

    What would be a good low of test dose for a clean non bloat look?

    would anavar be a better choice than Test while on HGH?

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