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    few questions about hgh

    been running hgh at 5iu/day for 4 weeks now and plan on staying on for as long as poss prob 6-8 months. At the mo i am also on cycle of test and deca which will be finishing soon this was the cycle
    1-16 sust 875mg/week
    1-14 deca 600mg/week
    i have finished the deca and i am going to taper down to 250mg sust a week and cruise at this dose until next cycle. I have made the decision to cruise and blast now.

    The questions i have about hgh are
    1. i have just switched brands from somatrope china to jins yellow tops, when i inject the jins it is very painful during the inject but goes after, is this normal? as i was getting zero pain from the somatrope
    2. I have some T4 on order, what would be the best dose to run this with the hgh?
    3. should i add slin? i am looking for fat loss and hopefully muscle growth as well so will adding slin be benificial, and is 5iu enough?

    I thought i would post all my questions together as it saves creating seperate threads. Also stats are 5' 11" 201lbs 13% bf
    Cheers fellas.

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    Comment I would make is the cruise dose is to high. 150mg is more than enough for a cruise dose IMHO

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    I just added T4 to my 4iu/ED GH routine. Currently at 50mcg/ED. My understanding is that 50-100mcg is right for T4. 50mcg gave me a great boost in motivation and energy in the gym.

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