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    Proper way of getting insulin

    I don't seen any threads about the process of getting insulin from the pharmacy. I know humulin-r is supposdely OTC, but still the pharmacist is not dumb especially when a large male walks up asking for insulin. I have a felling they will ask alot of questions like wanting to know the name of my doctor and all of my personal information. What to do? Thanks

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    just go up to pharmacy counter and say i need a bottle of humilin r. In Pa it really is just that simple. Only comment i ever got was," hey if u have health ins u should look into it they should cover this." No problems bro...

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    but i perfer humalog which you can not buy over the counter here so an online pharmacy works
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    Yea, all boils down to what kind of Slin you're after.

    If privacy is a main concern there are plenty of online Canadina pharmacies that you can order from.

    In most US states it is Legal OTC with no questions asked. Keyword being "most."

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    Online is your best bet I'd agree

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