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    Insuln and ketosis>

    Ive used slin several times but havent heard much on using it when on ketogenic diet, and soon to be cyclic keto diet.

    ive been in ketosis for a week gonna stay there for another week.

    Also just listened to Milos theories on diet. solid info
    So Ive got the bright idea to start using 1 or 2 units of lispro (IM) a few times a day when I eat. Ive used it like this before but i wasn't screwing around with my diet like this. With the lispro it half life is shourt, I would have narrow window for any problems. In my past if there was a problem it occurred about 1/2 and 2 hrs post administration with the lispro, but that was quickly corrected.
    ive got my glucose tabs in case anything goes wrong.
    Im going to start adding 8 grams of carbs (starchy) a day in the next week.
    Im fishing for any thoughts a far as red flags i might be over looking.
    I don't see any problem with it.
    Running EQ 200mg and Test 200 every 10 days ( hey it works for me)
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    I've used slin to put me into ketosis on a keto diet, but if you are already in ketosis what would be the point of slin use? My body does okay on slin, but using it while in ketosis sounds scary to me.

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