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    HGH ramp up question

    Quick question....Ive searched this out and see that most people ramp up with HGH to help avoid or reduce sides. I also understand that most people dont start seeing results until around the 3 month mark.

    So here's my question....I just finished up wk 3, I ramped up quicker than I planned. 2 ius wk1, 2.5 ius wk 2, 3 ius wk 3.......everyday dosages. If you dont start seeing results until around 3months, does it make sense to roll at the 3 ius until then, then ramp it up gradually to 5 ius (which is where I plan to max out at)?

    Basically any difference between being at 3ius or 5 ius prior to the time it really starts showing results?

    This aint really coming out like IM thinking in my mind, hopefully it makes sense.

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    2-3 i.u. can produce nice results over 6-8 week period. I would ramp if necessary after this marker.

    Are you running the GH alone?

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    I have a thread going because I think the first batch of hgh that I got was either underdosed or fake and when I started this new kit at 4ius, I started to get really bad swelling in my hands.

    So....It has been my experence that the side will hit quickly if you abuse this stuff.

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    Swelling in your hands means the product is very potent...

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