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    GHRP, Hexaralin, and CJC questions, please help...

    Ok, I've been doing some research on some of these peptides and going to give them a run soon. A few questions I'd like to ask to anyone with experience here

    1- Is it similar to GH, where you want to try and run it as long as possible? Would a 20 wk run at a time be sufficient?

    2- I've heard mixed reviews about the GHRP-2 compared to the GHRP-6. Basically from what I've gathered, the 2 is stronger, but the 6 is still better because sides are more manageable therefore allowing you to go higher on dosage for longer. I heard the water retention is worse on the ghrp-2. Now, I've also read that Hexeralin is even better/stronger than GHRP, and if your using Hexeralin then no need for GHRP w/ the CJC. Any input on this?

    3- The CJC-1295, some are saying get the one that is not DAC(I think thats the abbreviation) others say to get the DAC, what is this and whats the significance?

    4- The CJC-1293, how new is it and is it really any better than the 1295, or would you still go with the 1295 until you've heard more about the 1293?

    5- Last, some are advocating just doing the CJC twice/wk, others are running it like GH in a 5 on/2 off pattern. I was planning on 100 mcg 3x/day 5 on/2 off. How have you run it before?

    thanks everybody, I'm doing a bunch of research on this I've just heard a lot of mixed thoughts on it. Trying to learn as much as possible before ordering

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    I found this which answers question 3.

    "Q: Any body knows the differences between ghrh cjc-1295 with DAC and without DAC? If anybody can explain me more about DAC it will be better.Without DAC is cheaper than with DAC.

    A: GHRH is a growth hormone releasing factor peptide that is comprised of either 44 or 40 amino acids and is abbreviated as GRF(1-29). The biologically active portion resides in the first 29 amino acids so the synthetic forms of GHRH are made up of just these 29 amino acids.

    CJC-1295 has an added amino acid lysine which links to a drug affinity complex (DAC). CJC 1295 without DAC is modified GHRH or GRF(1-29).

    Modified GRF(1-29) is a short-estered GHRH, while CJC-1295 is a long-estered GHRH. Effectively, the long-estered GHRH can be run once a week if you can find the real deal.
    Since maufacturing CJC 1295 is a complex and costly process, most all CJC 1295 being currently sold is really GRF(1-29). "

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