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    HGH protocol for newb

    hello,im new into hgh but not in gear

    26 years old,5.10,205lbs around 9%bf been on all possible gear on the planet

    my question is..from all the protocols dosages etc what would be the best one for 26 years old first time user

    ED,EOD, 3 times in the week,5/2 off and ofc what would be the best dosage for adding muscle ?

    i was thinking something like :

    ED 6iu or 15iu 3 times in the week for 6 months any opinions?

    ill be adding also 10iu of slin for 30 days ( its not my first time on it)

    will do 2 cycles in the 6 months period,first would be test e,deca ,dbol second will be tren a,masteron ,anavar ...2 months on 2 months off

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    Use the search function bud. And always be sure to include full stats for any peptide/training/supplement/aas advice.


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    Do you care if your if your natural pulses of HGH affected by the synthetic HGH? You're a little young to go on HGH. If you understand the ramifications and still want to do HGH, I'd say run HGH everyday instead of 3 times per week at a higher dose. I am on 5iu/ed and get good results. I tried the 10iu 3 x wk and I had sides all the time. It wasn't worth it. If you want anabolic results from HGH you could be disappointed. HGH is a longer term slow gainer. It's also a lot more expensive than AAS.

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