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    What benefits am I not thinking of for using HGH? Seems not cost effective

    With all the talk about HGH and friends who can't say enough good things about it they have all got me excited to try it as part of a future cycle. When I think through the costs in comparison to AAS cycle I'm having a hard time justifying it and wondering how others do it and why.

    IE: If you do 2-3 good AAS cycle that costs X and maybe you can gain 15-30 LB of lean muscle in a year

    If you do 1 HGH cycle which could cost X*3 and you can gain maybe 10-15 LB of lean muscle and lose maybe a few lbs of fat in 1 year.

    On top of that 3 times the cost you maybe get better skin and feel a little younger... Doesn't seem to be worth it with all the risk of getting ripped off etc. Can someone explain to me what I'm missing here?

    The only thing I can think of is maybe these people have enough money where it doesn't really matter at all and it will give them a little edge over just using AAS.

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    There is a lot marketing on hgh and people just buy to try to see if really works, those have the money (lot money) will go for pharma grade, and they really work miracles, but there is a lot going on on chinese stuff, won't work the money.

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    HGH and peptides in general are a premium. I see value for body composition and anti-aging purposes.

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    I see HGH usage benefits in 1) anti-agine (I'm 51 and the stuff really makes me feel/look great), 2) keep the fat down (I'm at 10 to 11% body fat and I can control my body fat much quicker when I diet), 3) recovering from injuries (I've recovered from injuries with and without HGH and with HGH I tend to recover faster), 4) keeping gains after PCT. HGH is definitely more expensive then AAS. I wouldn't recommend it for just for bulking. AAS does a much better job.

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