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    CJC 1293 with cycle

    hey everyone. Its been about a yr since my last cycle I am begining to plan my next. I have a lot of experience with AAS have uses HGH only once this will be my first time throwing any peptides into the mix. Im looking to mainly lean out during this next cycle 12 wk cycle including Clen Test E the first 4wks kick started by test prop. I really would like to throw some CJC1293 into the mix. Planning to run 100 3x daily. Any users have any advice on this or if there is anything else i should be running. Also at this dose and frequency about how long will each AR bottle last. Thanks in Advance

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    Based on my research and what the vets say in the forums I am running GHRP-6 with CJC1923, 3x day 100mcgs - 530am, post-workout, and bed. Ive been on 4 months and I have experienced fat loss, steady strength gain, joint comfort, and overall well-being. I will defer to the vets for the specifics, however I know this combo is a very good synergistic combo and are frequently run together for at least 3-4 months, preferably 6 or greater. I dont want to cut and paste their stuff.
    The effects are very different than an AAS cycle no doubt. I've done 4x AAS cycles and the peptides are a different experience. I started the peps as part of my PCT and based on the effectiveness I will run for a long time.

    Hate to say the use the 'search' button, but it worked great for me, there are some gurus on peps here with very detailed info.

    good luck bro

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