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    Contemplating starting GH cycle. Thoughts?

    Hey everyone,


    24 years old (soon to be 25)
    230 pounds
    13% bf

    Currently running 500test 500deca a week. I'm not going to get into the details of my lifting/diet etc since this is mainly a thread about gh, and I am confident in my training/diet anyways.

    I'm looking to incorporate gh into my cycle, my cycle experience is extensive, test, dbol , drol, tren a, deca . I will likely start at 2-3IU's and go to 5IU's ed for about 6 months total. Main reasons for incorporating gh is to help repair a torn ligament in my shoulder and to assist in summer cut while maintaining maximum mass. Ive also considered running a low dose of insulin alongside the gh to further my gains.

    I know the typical comments are concerns about negative feedback loop and age. Nevertheless I am looking for some feedback from the more experienced gh users and their thoughts on this approach. Thanks!

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    The reason people comment about age and HGH is for safety. You can really mess yourself up. I've been on HGH for over two years and I initially started on HGH because of bad joints. HGH really help in the healing process.

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