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    GH, negative feedback loop, and time to administer

    Question I have about gh administration:

    Currently in third month of 12IU daily 5on/2off. Seeing great results so far body fat is down 6 percent roughly and going to be running a test/primo cycle in a month or so. But my question is if I shoot 8IU early in the morning then I go back to bed and then around 4PM I'll shoot the 4IU, will my natural gh still be supressed when I go to bed around midnight that same night? Because if it is my body still will not be producing the large gh surge in the first two hours of sleep, so why not just pin before bed then and forget about getting up in the middle of the night? I am also taking 200mcg of T4 daily as well.

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    You're also trying to stop the catabolic effects by shooting early in the am. Catabolic effects starts at about 2am to 3am so it's best to pin early in the morning.

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