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    Cool New to hgh help wanted please

    hi i am a 23 yr old male wanting to start a hgh course to strip off some unwanted body fat i am currently training 5 days a week and weigh 18st can anybody offer me advice as i am a noobie to hgh.


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    Yes, Dont. At your age there is no need for HGH. Only think you will do is potentially damage your body from producing it naturally. Since you are training 5 days a week make sure your diet is clean (visit the diet section) and add in 30+ minutes of cardio 3x a week or more. Learning how to eat, what to eat and when to eat along with the cardio will strip off all the fat you need without harming yourself.

    99% of all HGH on the market is BUNK right now and you have no idea what you might be putting into yourself. Also HGH is only for long term, 6 months minimum cycle to get results.

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    Too early for HGH. You already produce a ton of growth hormone and if you take the synthetic gh then your own growth pulse starts to rely on your own gh production hence a negative feedback loop. Once this happens? You can end up in the Over 40 forum.

    Please take advantage of what you have naturally.
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    I agree with the two above posts ^^^ be smart and listen please

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