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    hgh syringes and england

    So im just about to hit pct. Im travelling to the uk end of this week. I have gh waiting for me in england and i was wanting to continue my gh into pct especially considering the first few weeks are crucial. My question is can i buy insulin syringes in england without a prescription? In canada its no problem. Or if not could i put packaged syringes in my luggage without being flagged? Just askin someome with a little insight on this to chime in. Thanks!

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    Either go on line to many companies in the UK that do next day delivery and get them delivered which is what i do.
    Or Google the local needle exchange and just walk in and they may get you to fill out a form then they will give them to you.
    Or some chemists if you walk in and ask will give them to you. Its not an offfence to posses a small number of syringes nor to possess hgh or aas in the UK .

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    Go England!

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    Look for this sticker in pharmacy windows...

    All you will need to do is give part of a local post code and your initials....

    Good luck...

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