Hey guys, I'm starting a cycle in about a week that will consist of igf1lr3 soma and various aas. Its my first time using igf1 and hgh. My stats are at the bottom. From the research I've done this is what i think the doses should look like:


Wks 1-4: 50 Mcgs 5 days/wk (training days)
Wks 12-16: 50or60 Mcgs 5 days/wk (training days)
Wks 20-24: 60 Mcgs 5 days/wk (training days)

Notes: Im going to do bi-lateral and alternate between biceps, triceps, and quads (possibly chest not sure yet). Question 1* Should I inject in these places Subq or IM. My AAS will be IM quad shots, could i mix the igf in there with it? Question 2* What is the ratio of Igf to Bw? I plan on injecting with bw only, is this alright?

HGH (Somatropin)

Wks 1-2: 2iu ed 5on 2 off (training days)
Wks 3-4: 3iu ed 5on 2 off (training days)
Wks 5-24: 4iu ed 5on 2 off (training days)

Notes: Im doing this SubQ in my belly fat using a Seroject.


Anavar : Wks 1-4 60mgs/day
Test E: Wks 1-12 750mgs/wk
Wks 16-24 750mgs-1g/wk
Tren : Wks 1-12 320mgs/wk
Wks 16-24 320mgs/wk
Masteron : Wks 1-12 250mgs/wk
Wks 16-24 250mgs/wk

Notes: I've used every substance here (AAS) except the masteron. My last cycle was 750mgs/week and I had no problem with it. I've done anavar by itself so this will be my first time stacking it. Let me know what you guys think of my cycle. Im not sure if I should take 4 weeks off or just do the 12 weeks and stay off till the gh is done. Or I could do 12 weeks and wait 6 weeks. The reason I put 8 weeks between the first two cycles of igf is to make the second cycle of it line up with the date my aas ends so it acts like a pct (or from what I hear it acts like a pct).


Weight: 195
Bf: 13%
Goals: Lose fat and gain muscle at same time :P
Past: I was 225 around 20% bf from a big bulk about 3months ago.

Some lifting stats:
Bench:315 6 reps
Deadlift:495 1 rep
Squat: 405 8 reps

Let me know what you guys think. I hope I didn't break any rules as this is my time making a thread of this kind.