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    GHRP-6 &MOD GRF1-22 Post workout

    I've picked up some ghrp-6 and modified grf1-29, I have a question with regards to pinning it post workout. SHould I do this as soon after my workout as possible and then wait 20 minutes and have my pwo protein n carb shake? Or should i drink my protein right after my workout then pin the peps and then wait 20 minutes and take my carbs? maybe i'm overthinkin it a little bit, but I'd like to hear some suggestions from those with peptide experience as this will be my first go with them

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    bump for you

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    depends, exercise will cause it's own GH pulse...

    ghrp-6 will cause the pituitary to dump a GH release, so if you are older, i'd suggest yes post workout is great, if you are younger, then i'd save it for another time..

    are you running the ghrp6 3-4x a day??
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