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Thread: HGH and healing

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    HGH and healing

    I had surgery on my right elbow about 6 months ago. What i had done was I had a calcification in the tricep tendon where it attatches to the olecranon (tip of elbow) They cut out about 20% of the tendon and shaved down a bone spur on the tip of the olecranon and reattatched the part of the tendon. The Dr said it will take about a year for the pain to go away. Will HGH speed up this process? I would like to get back to competing as fast as possible. Thanks everyone

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    I have a similar question and no one is answering it. could this be considered medical advice? from other sources it seems that hgh is supposed to help in a healing process but i'd love to hear some first hand accounts (not that it could be entirely scientific)

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    HGH induces better blood flow throughout the body. Some people sweat a lot, some feel flush, almost everyone experience some sort of fat loss, etc. The area your describing has very poor blood flow and thus the long healing period. Any increase in blood flow is going to help the healing process. I'm no medical expert. I can't tell you, "if you take xx.xx iu/ed you'll heal in yy months". I can relay to you my personal experience with my rotator tear. I tore my right side and it took me about 14 months to heal without HGH. I tore my left, in a very similar manner, and it took me 8 months to heal. I was on 5iu/ed of bluetop HGH. I think there are a number of variable involved so this is not an apples to apples comparison. However, there are enough similarities for me to conclude that the HGH did definitely help the healing process. I've had a tennis elbow on my left arm since high school. When I started HGH (I've been on HGH 5iu/ed for about 5 years) all my little joint pains slowly disappeared. It took a couple of years but all of my joints feel pretty good. I've also done several low dose Deca /Test cycles and they seemed to have helped also. I don't think HGH is a miracle cure drug. I do think they definitely help the natural healing process.

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