I am new to this forum and sure that this subject has been brought up before. Never-the-less, here goes the question. Last week I started on 1 cc of HGH. I was planning on maintaning the 1 cc, however in the event I did not feel that the 1cc was sufficient, I would consider bumping it up to 1-1/2 cc dosage. I am also planning on taking some Test. My training partner insists that I take 1/2 of a Test capsule on my training days, which would be Monday - Friday. He mentioned that if you take the Test five days a week and give it a rest over the 2 day weekend, you don't have to cycle the Test? (By the way, I do not know the dosage of the Test he is suggesting, but will look into this further).

Any comments or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance! Dano