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    Insulin dosages & Info

    Hey Guys,
    Only just joined the forum, really great info, finding it really helpful

    I was wondering if anyone could help advise me on the dosage amount of Insulin I should take at a time?
    And what should i eat / drink after injection?
    Is the best time to take it Post workout or pre workout ?

    My Stats:
    5'11, 87kg
    Bodyfat- 15-20%
    Taken 5 steroid cycles
    Insulin type= (Humalog (Insulin lispro inj.)
    Supplements- Creatine, protein, BCAA, Multi V
    Will also be taking 1mil Test Prop & 1mil Tren Ace EOD - while taking insulin


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    Everything u want to know can be found by even reading the threads below. Personally I think you are way too light and too high of bf to even consider Slin. Are you using Hgh as well? Your diet obviously needs work. Head to the nutrition section and let the gurus tweak your diet

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