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    GHRP 2 and MOD GRF dosing clarification

    Hey guys,

    Just want to make sure I have everthing right before I start this stack. I will be using 1mL insulin syringes to draw up the peptides but just making sure I have a handle on it. The syringe numbers go up by 10's, from 10 to 100 with 4 tick marks between each 10 interval - meaning each tick is 2.

    Mod GRF comes in 2mg - I will add 1ml of BW to this.
    GHRP 2 comes in 5 mg - I will add 2.5ml of BW to this.

    I want to be dosing at 100mcg 3x per day. So this means I am drawing up to tick mark 3 (which would be 6 as I assume every tick mark counts as 2). Is this correct? or have I screwed my inputs into peptide calculator.

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    You need smaller dose pins to be accurate. I'm taking mod grf 1-29 and Ipamorelin 100mcg each 3x a day. I have 1/2 ml pins that count from 5-50 in increments of five. I added the exact same amount of water to my vials. 100mcg would be the 5 mark on my pins.

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    I agree that the 1/2 ml pins are better, but at those concentrations, with the 1 ml pins you have, draw up to 2-1/2 marks on one, then draw the same amount into the other, so combined they reach the 10 mark.

    With the 1/2 ml pins, each tick is one and you can just draw up to the 5 mark. It's more precise and easier. But, either one works.

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    Thanks for the feedback guys, gonna invest in 0.5ml pins!

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