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    IGF-1 lr3, Peg-MGF and peptides on PCT

    Hey! My PCT will starts about 2 weeks after 16 weeks testo p cycles and HGH simplexx.. I have ordered ipamorelin, mod-grf, IGF-1 lr3 and Peg-MGF.. I have never tested IGF-1 and MGF but after reading some threads about it, I become very interested in those peptides.. The purpose is to keep the gains after the test cycle and not increase in fat when the body become catabolic under the pct.. I exercise 5 days a week and my injections schedule will look like this.

    Work outs and dosing:

    Sunday: Day off, Peg-MGF 300mcg pm
    Monday: Chest & biceps. 20mcg IGF each chest PWO
    Tuesday: quads & abs 20mcg IGF each quad PWO
    Wednesday: back & triceps 20mcg IGF each lat
    Thursday: shoulders, abs. 20 mcg IGF each shoulder
    Friday: prioritizations, biceps triceps superset 20mcg IGF each bicep (My triceps are huge so I wont inject them)
    Sutarday: Day off

    bf: 8-9%

    I will also take 100 mcg ipamorelin and mod-grf every morning and before bed on training days. 5 on 2 off..
    I'm also wondering if it's ok to inject IGF into the abs. My abs are not popping out
    despite good heavy abs exercises and low bf...
    Any advice will be very appreciated!

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