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    So I've been on this site for almost two years. Initially came with ideas of using HGH but quickly realized my diet needed to change. I've now got that figured out and have lost 30 lbs in the last year. But I'm still looking for that added help in the weight room. I made an appointment with an anti aging clinic and will have lab work drawn early next week. I'm curious as to how these consultations work before I walk in those doors. Is there certain things I should/shouldn't say? If my lab work is normal am I automatically out of luck? Anyone who has gone this route of acquiring HGH, I'd love to have someone to privately bounce things off of.

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    It depends somewhat on your point of view. For me, I want to have my Test and IGF-1 at optimal levels (not beyond normal levels). If you are already at those levels, then there is nothing to achieve with supplements. I believe anti-aging clinics will tend to follow this view. I would be honest with the doctor, by the way, as you don't know what might be important. People who want to take HGH anyway will probably tend to obtain their own medication and sidestep medical supervision altogether. Better to do it legally if you can.

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    Those anti aging clinics are not cheap. Be prepared to spend thousands of dollars.

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    Yeh. Crazy ass money. But if ur rich. Pay for me toooo. Hahaha

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