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    gh type. cycle with/out dosages

    Just want to get an idea of n I'm thinking this is or could be mass orientated or mass/cycled compounds along side. Etc.

    Personally. At.
    6'3+1/4(the quarter counts)!!!
    Bf18-19 by picture probs less bit go by that.
    I was looking at a Ghrp-6 ( for appetite amongst other things) and if I can get the wings **********.. alongside a test750mg wk+ deca 500mg week(I may push the test slightly. But not decided. Also adding tb400. For joints. N sea help with recovery of said joints

    Yes the above looks a mess. I cruise every 3 months now to a just above trt dose at one month until I can't physically lift anything anymore!!

    what's I'd like to hear is (because I've not touched gh.mods. etc. What ppl have found cycles best for them at what doses./protocols I.e. twice daily 7dw. 5on 2 off. Eod etc.

    Anyways. Examples of what works for you. Oh time on time off too be interesting!

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    You really need to try and explain the above in English because I am struggling understanding anything you are saying, sorry.

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