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    Should we be concerned that we are using just one isoform of HGH?

    The body usually has a pretty good reason for doing things the way it does, so that makes me a little concerned that we are supplying our bodies with just one isoform, albeit the most common form produced by the body (21% according to one paper, and 87% according to another, which is confusing. See below).

    With around 100 isoforms produced by the body, and their exact functions still unknown, it seems potentially dangerous to shut down production of the other isoforms in favour of the one.

    Stuff like this just makes me wish I could stimulate my endogenous production to the levels I desire instead of pinning HGH. Is that achievable yet?

    Any docs care to chime in?

    Related articles:
    Exercise modulation of growth hormone isoforms: current knowledge and future directions for the exercise endocrinologist (mentions around 100 isoforms)
    Proteomics analysis of growth hormone isoforms in... [Proteomics. 2005] - PubMed - NCBI (mentions 24 isoforms)

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    Ghrp stimulates natural release of gh

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    There are several different types of Estrogen but we control E2 because it is the most powerful of all the Estrogens. All of our bodies are made, 97% from the same basic elements. I think medicine is not an exact science. Like Newton said, for every action there is and equal but opposite reaction. I think we look at the compounds and decide if the collective knowledge empirically gathered this forum give a favorable review of the compound. We do our research and go for it, or not. There is never going to be a perfect compound but for me, HGH is the closest thing to perfect. IMO

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