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    First HGH Cycle Recommendations

    So ive decided that i want to start a hgh cycle,

    First here are my stats:
    Weight: 193lbs
    BF: 11-%12
    Height: 5,11.5"
    Age: 23

    Firstly what would be suffcient enough for my first hgh cycle, as the Soma is cheaper, or would i be better off going with ********** or Kigtropin.

    I plan to cycle for 6-12 months..

    Lean out a little and build some muscle.

    Im currently finishing up a sust/deca cycle (5 weeks left) so im thinking if i start hgh now, then it will help PCT a little, then i can rest from AAS for 2-3 months, after recovery the HGH will be kicking in good, so then i can start a Test-P only cycle and run for 12 weeks whilst still on the hgh cycle, since its recommend you have high test when on hgh to see full potential.

    What do you guys think? and also what about T4, would i need to run this on HGH too?

    Whats your thoughts?, thanks

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    dude, most people are gonna holler at ya because you're too young.... I'm not gonna preach but I'm just sayin' that's what people are gonna say first.

    besides that, you get what you pay for with HGH, if it's too much cheaper, it might not be real

    just sayin', not flamin'

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    main problem is here isnt age or AAS usage
    its the HGH... the ones you mentioned are FAKE. dont waste your money unless you can get pharma grade HGH

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    Your body naturally starts to taper GH production starting about 30ish. If you take HGH now you body could just shut its own natural production prematurely. It's no big deal if you're willing to do growth hormone replacement therapy for the rest of your life. I'm on TRT and replace Testosterone for the rest of my life. Then again, I'm over 50. It's a decision that has to be made by the individual. Common wisdom says to not take HGH until 30 so you can preserve your natural production for as long as you can. But it's up to you.

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    Another non-conventional brain storm. That in itself says something might not be right. The younger they are the smarter they are ?????? huh ? ...crazy mike

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    Bset to hold off on Hgh for as long as possible for many reasons. First being cost and actually locating legit hgh, this is a huge problem right now. Two, you are young and cycling is more then enough. Three, you are still a little ways away from your natural genetic potential and that can be achieved without adding hgh into the mix.

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    Ok thanks guys, what about bridging to my next cycle with ostarine?

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