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    Is 'Pharma Grade' HGH the same as 'Human Grade'?

    I have two different sources for HGH and one has Pharma Grade Norditropin Nordilet pen 10mg/1.5ml/30IU's and the other source has Serostim 126 IU Human Grade HGH... So I was wondering if they're both the same or are there things that differ?

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    Pens are harder to counterfeit IMO. I use the nordilet pens and so far nothing but good results.

    HGH is HGH man. Pharm grade is what you need. nothing from outside pharmacy as the risks of counterfeits are very very high.

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    They are synonymous.

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    Either would be good, they both would give same results, id it is in fact from the Pharmacy...

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