Hi im 22 years old about 10% 5'7 weight around 170 i want to trim down to at least 8% i've been using norditropin for about a month 3 ius daily, starting next month i'll jump on saizen 4ius daily 2 ius morning 2 ius before or pre workout

Currently I wake up at 5 am in the morning get 3 ius do cardio (walk) fasted or an empty stomach just water for around an hour and then go back to sleep, will this affect my natural hgh release?

On saizen i'd like to do 2 ius at 5 am fasted, go back to sleep and then get 2 ius pre workout probably around 4 pm.

Both hgh are LEGIT since they're bought from a pharmacy.

Please Help, Thanks From Venezuela.