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Thread: Testing hgh

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    Testing hgh

    Any suggestions on ways to test if hgh is fake at home?

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    There is no reliable way to tell or test, at home or anywhere you are likely to have any access to, which is why generally people here advise to buy pharmaceutical or don't bother. Even lab tests that can measure molecular weight of the stuff in the vials, etc. cannot tell whether the GH is properly folded and therefore will be biologically active. You buy generic, it's a crapshoot, and there could be anything in there to get you to continue to part with your money.

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    Angel is correct the is no way of testing if the hormone is active but you can test if its is gh and the iu but its been know for the Chinese to put gh in but are not able to put it through the process of making is active due to the expensive equipment needed. Also testing your blood isn't all that actuate because there are many variables what need to be considered. I have spoken to a guy in the UK who is at the top of his field in Mass Spec testing who has tested some stuff for me before and he was the one who told me exactly what can and cant be done.
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    Like Marcus stated the testing/results can be misleading and potentially inaccurate however i do have a friend that send out samples in the past to have them checked for amino acid sequence and 191 presence, i might be able to get you contact info if you want...

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    Shit, might as well start relabeling HCG a GH - Wait, I am pretty sure it's already been done

    What a perfect crime - No way to even tell what you are getting

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