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    IGF LR3 shutdown of regular pituitary function?

    The title says it all. I have been running igf lr3 for the past 4 weeks at 60mcg per day. I stopped and I have experienced a decrease in libido and erection frequency. Is there a mild pituitary function shutdown from administering igf lr3? If so, will it eventually restore itself and how long would it take?

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    You taking anything else besides the igf-lr3? I can't imagine taking 60mcg for 4 weeks will shutdown your pituitary. I didn't think the HGH and igf-lr3 crossed the same gland to that magnitude.

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    ran it at 50 mcg for 4 weeks did not experience any pituitary shutdown

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    No. IGF doesn't cause a testosterone negative feedback loop.
    These things just happen, no need to blame it on impossible causes.
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