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Thread: Synergy of HGH and AAS

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    Synergy of HGH and AAS

    I keep hearing about the synergy and benefits of running hgh with aas all the time.

    everytime i search and run across that not a single person has explained any of it.

    is there evidence based on this or is it just BS?

    i was planning on running a superdrol cycle, and if it offers benefits then i will think about it

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    Yes of course! but its a waste with a superdrol cycle....

    build a nice aas base first, unless you are 35+ then you should be on gh year round 2iu min anyway

    hgh shines with tren or test, it increases igf and creates new fibers (not literaly but increases igf) then you add high test and it blows up the new fibers
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    Here is a simple way of looking at it: Hgh creates new muscle cells and AAS makes muscle cells bigger. Hence by using them in a combined manner you get the best of both worlds.
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